G3 Manufacturers & Suppliers helical gearbox worm reducer foot mounted and flange mounted ac gear motor

G3  Manufacturers & Suppliers helical gearbox worm reducer foot mounted and flange mounted ac gear motor

We examine each and every piece of bearing by ourselves just before shipping and delivery.


Quick Particulars

Relevant Industries:

Building Content Retailers, Producing Plant, Equipment Mend Outlets, Foods & Beverage Factory, Farms, Energy & Mining

Gearing Arrangement:


Output Torque:


Input Speed:


Output Velocity:


Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China
Model Identify:


Design Variety:


Rated Electrical power:



5 10 15 20 twenty five thirty forty fifty sixty eighty one hundred one hundred sixty 180 200


foot mounted/flange mounted

output shaft:

eighteen 22 28 32 40



Enter type:

inline motor


three phsae

power product:

normal model or brake model

Top quality Ensure:

One particular year

Offer Potential

Offer Potential:
30000 Piece/Items per Month

Packaging & Supply

Packaging Details
one personal computer / cartonseveral cartons / picket pallet
NingBo port / Shanghai port / UPS / DHL/ TNT

On the web Customization

Technical specs

one.Helical geared motor 
two.Foot mounted 
three.Ratio,five—two hundred:one,rated electricity,.1—two.2kw 
4.Aluminium & forged iron alloy body 

A few-period helical geared motor,flange mounted

•  Two varieties of housings: Aluminum alloy and cast iron Two varieties of frames: foot mounting and flange mounting,great-looking in physical appearance, appropriate for common mounting.

•  Helical equipment with the substantial-tensile alloy substance makes the design a lot more compact, housing scaled-down, efficiency increased, output torque greater.

•  Hardened facing & properly-finished transmission equipment has the advantages as, seldom distortion, high precision,secure working, lower sound, possible to work regularly beneath the dreadful situations.

•  With six specification for the diameter of output shaft: Ø18,Ø22,Ø28,Ø32,Ø40,Ø50.

•  Two or a few-phase transmission, large ratio variety, every solitary frame measurement with fourteen ratios from 5:one to two hundred:1.

•  Using substantial high quality bearing prolongs the use life.

•  High-performance oil seal stops the lubricant from leaking back to the interior of motor.

•  Three-stage motor mixed the common and entire-enclosed aluminum motor, good in watertight, effortless in heat dissipation, large in managing effectiveness.

•  Modular mixture extends the transmission ratio from i=5:1 to 1400:1.



Outline Dimension 



Helical geared motors workshops


Defective reason


Solution method



Gear surface damaged

Contact manufacturer,replace gear set

Continual cacophony

Bearing damaged

Replace the damaged bearing

Periodical cacophony

Particle on gear surface

Check gear surface


Lack of lubricant

Fill with lubricant

Intermittent cacophony

Dirty lubricant

Replace the new lubricant


Fixed foundation shake

Deflective mount on the surface

Re-adjust fixed pedestal

Output shaft shake

Bearing damage

Replace the damaged bearing

Inner gear parts shake

Gear damage

Replace the damaged gear

Housing shake

Defective gear assembly

Re-adjust the gear set


Oil seal leakage

Oil seal vulcanize

Replace the damaged oil seal

Housing leakage

Housing with the sand hole

Replace housing with the sand hole

Housing shake

O-ring damaged

Replace the damaged O-ring

In excess of-heating

Oil seal damaged

In excess of-tighten oil seal

Replace over-tighten oil seal

In excess of-heat housing

In excess of-street

Re-calculate load

Lack of lubricant

Low lubricant

Fill with lubricant

Above-heat motor

one,the temperature of environment is too high 

two,airiness is bad 

3,pressure is too high or too low

one,take measure to reduce the temperature 

two,clean out the wind passage and check the 

    motor if cooling fan has been damaged 

three,adjust electrical source pressure

The motor can`t work


Electrical source haven`t been switched on 

Check if the switch is contacted will,

if the fuse wise is broken or the motor down-lead is broken

The rotate speed of the

output shaft is too low


Wrong control connection outside

Over loading

Wrong ratio

Electrical source pressure too low

In excess of-load

Correct is on the right connection

Reduce the load

Check the rotation ratio of the cooling fan and output shaft by hand

Adjust electrical source pressure 

Reduce load

Motor circumrotate,output

shaft don`t circu mrotate


Inner gear set damaged

Please contact the manufacture to replace the gear set